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Title Development for a Performance Improvement of a Pulley Type Tensioning Device for a Speed-Up
Authors 서동훈(Dong-Hoon Seo) ; 서기범(Ki-Bum Seo)
Page pp.1158-1162
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Pulley type tensioning device; High-speed operation; Tension variation rate
Abstract It is designed the tension ratio of 1 : 3 to maintain tension variation within 3% for performance improvement of pulley tensioning device for high speed operation. The plant performance test and certification test of qualified office were performed for oilless bearing with a low friction coefficient and flexible wire rope. Also, it has been performed the running test, visual inspection and certification of qualified office to secure the reliability for high speed operation for 1 year. It is proved that applied the developed tensioning device for high speed operation section.