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  • ISSN : 1229-6422 (Print)
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Title Applicability of the Solar Irradiation Model in Preparation of Typical Weather Data Considering Domestic Climate Conditions
Authors Ji-Soo Shim ; Doo-Sam Song
Page pp.467-476
ISSN 1229-6422
Keywords 일사 예측 모델 ; 표준 기상데이터 ; 국내 기상조건 Solar irradiation model ; Typical weather data ; Domestic weather condition
Abstract As the energy saving issues become one of the important global agenda, the building simulation method is generally used to predict the inside energy usage to establish the power-saving strategies. To foretell an accurate energy usage of a building, proper and typical weather data are needed. For this reason, typical weather data are fundamental in building energy simulations and among the meteorological factors, the solar irradiation is the most important element. Therefore, preparing solar irradiation is a basic factor. However, there are few places where the horizontal solar radiation in domestic weather stations can be measured, so the prediction of the solar radiation is needed to arrive at typical weather data. In this paper, four solar radiation prediction models were analyzed in terms of their applicability for domestic weather conditions. A total of 12 regions were analyzed to compare the differences of solar irradiation between measurements and the prediction results. The applicability of the solar irradiation prediction model for a certain region was determined by the comparisons. The results were that the Zhang and Huang model showed the highest accuracy (Rad 0.87~0.80) in most of the analyzed regions. The Kasten model which utilizes a simple regression equation exhibited the second-highest accuracy. The Angstrom-Prescott model is easily used, also by employing a plain regression equation Lastly, the Winslow model which is known for predicting global horizontal solar irradiation at any climate regions uses a daily integration equation and showed a low accuracy regarding the domestic climate conditions in Korea.