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  • ISSN : 1229-6422 (Print)
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Title A Study on Service Development of Geothermal Energy Supply Diffusion Using Open Data
Authors Yu Seung Gim ; Hyung Kyou Ryu ; Seung Hyuck Choi
Page pp.302-311
ISSN 1229-6422
Keywords 지열에너지 ; 공공데이터 ; 정보제공시스템 ; 환경영향평가 Geothermal energy ; Open data ; Information service system ; Environmental impact assessment
Abstract Recently, national policy trends have focused on new markets and new industries. Thus, full support for industries related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution continues. Renewable energy is one the products with most attention in the new industry. The demand for renewable energy is expected to increase rapidly in the future as renewable energy support is increasing and policies are steadily progressing. However, it is notable that the technologies and services needed to promote the use of renewable energy are not readily available. It would be easier supplying renewable energy by using services that provide information through automatic processes that require specialized knowledge such as building load calculation and geothermal heat exchanger capacity calculation. Therefore, the objective of this study was the development of geothermal energy system installation possibility consulting service for activation of geothermal energy facilities which can save energy compared to the installed area of domestic new and renewable energy. The study also discussed the future direction and improvement points. The of use data has improved both accessibility and reliability by adopting open data, and suggested the ability to confirm the environment in which facilities can be installed by utilizing hydrological geology information that can be used in installing geothermal energy systems.