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Title Application of Direct-Expansion Solar Heat Pump for Decentralized Heat Prosumer based on Small-Scale Thermal Network : A Feasibility Study
Authors Min-Hwi Kim ; Deuk-Won Kim ; Dong-Won Lee ; Jeahyuk Heo
Page pp.576-584
ISSN 1229-6422
Keywords 분산형 열 프로슈머; 직팽식 태양열 히트펌프; 진천 친환경에너지타운; 급탕에너지 Decentralized thermal prosumer; Direct-expansion solar heat pump; Jincheon eco-friendly energy town; Hot water energy
Abstract In this study, the feasibility of a direct-expansion solar heat pump for a distributed thermal prosumer in a small-scale thermal network was investigated. In this analysis, a small-scale thermal network for cooling, heating, and hot water established in Jincheon eco-friendly energy town was selected as the test site, and a daycare center in town was also selected as a target building for heat prosumer. The direct-expansion solar heat pump was selected to serve and generate excess heat, and control logic was developed to facilitate the production and delivery of excess heat. In order to simulate the operation of the direct-expansion solar heat pump, an operation model was developed via ANOVA based on the operation data derived from the literature. Simulations were based on the derived model and the operation parameters of the Jincheon eco-friendly energy town. As a result, the direct-expansion solar heat pump showed a COP of 3.5 annually. The amount of heat supplied for domestic hot water from the central management center in the town was 105 MWh/y, and the amount of electric energy consumed by the electric heater located in each building for domestic hot water supply was 37.4 MWh/y. It was predicted that 51.6% of the electric energy consumption for serving domestic hot water could be reduced using the direct-expansion solar heat pump in the daycare center as the thermal prosumer.