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  • ISSN : 1229-6422 (Print)
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Title Performance Analysis for Optimal Control of Integrated System based Air Source Heat Pump: System Performance According to Flow Rate of Pump and Part-Load Ratio
Authors Soowon Chae ; Samgmu Bae ; Yujin Nam
Page pp.523-532
ISSN 1229-6422
Keywords 공기열원히트펌프; 냉난방 부하; 융복합시스템; 운전수법; 태양광열 Air source heat pump; Heating and cooling load; Integrated system; Operation method; Photovoltaic-thermal
Abstract Since an integrated system has various components, it is difficult to accurately predict heating and cooling loads of a building and apply an efficient operation method. In this paper, the operation method of a constant flow rate system for efficient system operation of an integrated system based on photovoltaic-thermal and air source heat pump was established and system performance according to flow rate was evaluated. In the case of heating and cooling operation using a heat storage tank in an integrated system, the heat pump COP depended on heat storage load rather than outside temperature. The heat pump COP of the heating operation using a heat pump was dependent on the heating load rather than the outside temperature. In the case of a cooling operation using a heat pump, the heat pump COP decreased as the outside temperature increased despite an increased cooling load. If the pump's flow rate is increased to more than the rated flow rate of the heat pump, the heat exchange rate of the heat pump decreases while the power consumption of the compressor increases, thereby slightly reducing the COP of the heat pump. As a result of performance analysis according to operation method and pump’s flow rate, it is possible to reduce power consumption of a heat pump and provide a comfortable indoor environment.