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  • ISSN : 1229-6422 (Print)
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Title An Experimental Study on Improving the Cooling Performance of a Mobile Air Conditioner's Outdoor Unit by Enhancing Airflow Pathways
Authors Seungmin Jang ; Beungyong Park ; Jinkyun Cho
Page pp.299-305
ISSN 1229-6422
Keywords 냉방성능; 이중덕트시스템; 에너지절감; 이동형에어컨; 전력량; 단일덕트시스템 Cooling performance; Dual duct system; Energy-saving; Mobile air conditioners; Power consumption; Single duct system
Abstract Mobile air conditioners have become increasingly popular due to the rising number of single-person households and smaller living spaces. These units are easier to install and dismantle than conventional air conditioners, making them a more convenient option, but their high energy consumption is a well-known issue. One major factor contributing to this issue is the use of a single duct system, which creates negative pressure in the cooled space, causing warm air to be drawn in from the outside. This results in lower cooling efficiency and increased energy consumption as the air conditioner works harder to maintain the desired temperature. This study investigated the potential energy savings of using an improved dual duct system in a mobile air conditioner. We compared the cooling performance of a conventional single duct unit (Case #1) with that of a dual duct unit (Case #2) under controlled laboratory conditions. We measured the power consumption and cooling performance of each unit under identical conditions. The results showed that Case #2 achieved an 18% reduction in power consumption compared to Case #1 while maintaining similar cooling performance. The findings suggest that the use of an improved dual duct system could significantly reduce the energy consumption of portable air conditioners without sacrificing cooling performance.