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Title A Study on the Optimal System Sizing of the Standalone Photovoltaic Power Generation System for Uninterruptible Power Supply
Authors Ki-Young Kim ; Woojin Choi
Page pp.77-85
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Stand-alone PV system ; Optimal sizing ; Battery ; Uninterruptible power supply
Abstract Renewable energy has been increasingly used and widely acclaimed as one of the solutions to rampant environmental problems. Among numerous kinds of renewable sources, the penetration rate of the PV system is relatively higher than that of others due to ease of installation. However, one disadvantage of the PV system is its dependence on weather condition. The PV system is especially critical when it is used for standalone systems because it cannot operate when the power generated from a PV module is not enough. Therefore, PV systems are often used with an energy storage system, such as batteries, to store backup energy when the weather condition is insufficient to supply power to the system. Blackout time can be reduced by increasing the size of the energy storage system, but it is a trade-off with system cost. In this work, optimal sizing of a standalone PV system is proposed to supply power to the system without blackout. The sizing of PV modules and batteries is performed by a simulation based on actual irradiation data collected during the past five years. The Life cycle costing of each system is evaluated to determine an optimal set of PV modules and batteries among several different combinations. The standalone PV system designed by the proposed method can supply power to the system with no interruption as long as the weather condition is similar to those of the past five years.