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Title Electrochemical Analysis and SOC Estimation Techniques by Using Extended Kalman Filter of the Non-aqueous Li-air Battery
Authors Chang-O Yoon ; Pyeong-Yeon Lee ; Jong-Hoon Kim
Page pp.106-111
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Li-air battery ; SOC estimation ; Modeling ; Energy density ; Extended kalman filter ; Coulomb counting method
Abstract In this work, we propose techniques for estimating the SOC of Li?air battery. First, we describe and explain the operation principle of the Li?air battery. Energy density of the Li?air battery was compared with that of the Li?ion battery. The capacity and impedance value of the fully discharged voltage is analyzed, and the OCV value for SOC estimation is measured through the electrochemical characterization of the Li-air battery. Estimation value is obtained by SOC modeling through extended Kaman filter and is compared with the measurement value from the Coulomb counting method. Moreover, the performance of SOC estimation circuit is evaluated.