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Title Single-Phase Transformerless Inverter using Passive Bypass Filter
Authors Min-Kwon Yang ; Jun Heo ; Myung-Chul Lee ; Yu-Jin Kim ; Woo-Young Choi
Page pp.129-138
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Single-phase inverter ; Leakage current ; Parasitic capacitance ; Common-mode
Abstract Previous single-phase transformerless inverters used active bypass switching circuits that need auxiliary power switches to minimize ground leakage current. However, switching and gate driving losses are increased due to the use of additional power switches. To cope with this drawback, this work proposes a transformerless inverter using a passive bypass filter without any auxiliary power switch. The operation and control of the proposed inverter are described. The ground leakage current characteristics are analyzed for the proposed inverter with the passive bypass filter. The experimental results of the proposed inverter for a 1.0kW prototype system are presented.