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Title A New DC-DC Converter Topology For High-Efficiency Electric Vehicle Rapid Chargers
Authors Jin-Hak Kim ; Woo-Seok Lee ; Seung-Won Choi ; Jun-Young Lee ; Il-Oun Lee
Page pp.182-189
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Electric vehicle rapid charger ; LLC resonant converter ; PSFB(Phase-Shift Full-Bridge) converter
Abstract LLC resonant converters or phase-shift full-bridge converters have been widely used as DC?DC converters for rapid charging of electric vehicles (EVs). However, these converters present critical disadvantages, including a large circulating current, which can hinder efficiency and miniaturization in EV battery charger applications. In this paper, a new DC?DC converter topology is proposed for EV rapid chargers. The proposed converter can operate at high frequency despite a high rated power capacity of over 20kW, and the problem of circulating current can be minimized during the entire battery charging time. Owing to these advantages, the proposed converter can achieve a high conversion efficiency of over 97% for EV rapid charger applications. The performance of the proposed converter is verified with 20kW prototypes in this study.