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Title A 48V-400V Non-isolated Bidirectional Soft-switching DC-DC Converter for Residential ESS
Authors Hyeon-Ju Jeong ; Min-Ho Kwon ; Se-Wan Choi
Page pp.190-198
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Soft-switching ; DC-DC converter ; PPS(PWM Plus Phase Shift) control ; ZVS(Zero Voltage Switching) ; Bidirectional power flow
Abstract This paper proposes a nonisolated, bidirectional, soft-switching DC?DC converter with PWM plus phase shift (PPS) control. The proposed converter has an input-parallel/output-series configuration and can achieve the interleaving effect and high voltage gains, resulting in decreased voltage ratings in all related devices. The proposed converter can operate under zero-voltage switching (ZVS) conditions for all switches in continuous conduction mode. The power flow of the proposed converter can be controlled by changing the phase shift angle, and the duty is controlled to balance the voltage of four high voltage side capacitors. The PPS control device of the proposed converter is simple in structure and presents symmetrical switching patterns under a bidirectional power flow. The PPS control also ensures ZVS during charging and discharging at all loads and equalizes the voltage ratings of the output capacitors and switches. To verify the validity of the proposed converter, an experimental investigation of a 2 kW prototype is performed in both charging and discharging modes under different load conditions and a bidirectional power flow.