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Title Optimal Design of Soft-Switching Cell for High Efficiency and High Power Density for HDC of FCEVs
Authors So-Young Kim ; Tae-Won Noh ; Jaehyung Lee ; Jung-Hoon Ahn ; Byoung Kuk Lee
Page pp.217-224
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords FCEV(Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles) ; HDC(High Voltage DC-DC Converter) ; PRC(Partial Resonant Converter) ; Optimal design method ; High efficiency
Abstract In this study, the optimal design methods of soft-switching cell for high-voltage DC-DC converter (HDC) of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) is proposed for high efficiency and high power density. The appropriate soft-switching cell for FCEVs is chosen by analyzing the losses of HDC which adopts soft-switching cell. The proposed optimal design methods for the soft-switching cell are divided into two purposes which are improvement of efficiency and power density. Two kinds of design methods enable to improve fuel efficiency and cost, respectively. The proposed design methods are validated with the experimental results based on the specification and hardware used in actual FCEVs.