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Title Improved Responsiveness of Model-Based Sensorless Control for Electric-Supercharger Motor using an Position Error Compensation
Authors Gui-Yeol Park ; Yo-Han Hwang ; Nam Heo ; Ju Lee
Page pp.9-15
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords E-supercharger ; Turbocharger ; HEV ; Sensorless drive ; Position estimator
Abstract Sensorless electric superchargers have recently been actively developed to provide a large amount of oxygen to engines in order assist the combustion process for miniaturizing the engines and improving fuel efficiency. The model-based sensorless method for surface-mounted permanent magnet synchronous motors has a disadvantage in that the system may become unstable due to parameter variations in low-speed operation and the rapid-acceleration section. An electric supercharger requires fast response to improve the engine response delay, such as the turbocharger turbo-rack. Therefore, the responsiveness must be improved to use the model-based sensorless system. The position compensation algorithm designed in this study is controlled by converting the position error into the beta, which is the angle formed by the d-axis and the stator current during sudden speed change. In this study, we improved the response of the model-based sensorless system through the algorithm and verified the algorithm validity by applying the algorithm to an actual dual-motor supercharger.