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Title Due to the Difference in Uniformity of Electrical Characteristics between Cells in a Battery Pack SOC Estimation Performance Comparative Analysis
Authors Jin-Hyeong Park ; Pyeong-Yeon Lee ; Sung-Soo Jang ; Jonghoon Kim
Page pp.16-24
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Li-ion battery ; BMS(Battery Management System) ; Battery equivalent circuit model ; Simulation
Abstract The performance of the battery management system (BMS) algorithm is important for ensuring the stability and efficient operation of battery packs. Such a performance is determined by the internal parameters of the electrical equivalent circuit model (EECM). This study proposes a performance improvement and verification of battery parameters for the BMS algorithm using electrical experiments and tools. The parameters were extracted through electrical characteristic experiments, and an EECM based on Ah counting was designed. Simulation results using the EECM were compared with actual experimental data to determine the best parameter extraction method.