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Title Low-Speed Performance Improvement of Slip Based Sensorless Control for Three-Phase Induction Motor Used in Treadmill
Authors Su-Hyoung Lee ; Sang-Hee Lee ; Tae-Yang Mun ; Hee-Min Han ; Joohn-Sheok Kim
Page pp.25-32
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Induction motor ; Sensorless control ; Treadmill system ; Gopinath flux estimator
Abstract Recent high-end treadmills are demanding stable performance at lower speeds. In this study, a slip control-based induction motor sensorless algorithm for treadmills, which have heavy load variations, is proposed. A modified Gopinath flux estimator is used to evaluate the rotor flux. Results indicate that a good speed regulation performance is achieved even at a low speed of approximately 3 Hz with a nominal exercise load of 90 kg body weight. The slip calculation method in the stationary coordinate system is adopted to improve the control stability. The proposed algorithm is verified throughout the simulation study using PSIM, and the experimental test consists of a commercial treadmill system.