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Title SPMSM Mechanical Parameter Estimation Using Sliding-Mode Observer and Adaptive Filter
Authors Hyoung-Woo Kim ; Joon-Young Choi
Page pp.33-39
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Adaptive filter algorithm ; Parameter estimation ; SPMSM(Surface-mounted Permanent Synchronous Motor) ; SMO(Sliding Mode Observer)
Abstract We propose a mechanical parameter estimation algorithm for surface-mounted permanent magnet synchronous motors (SPMSMs) using a sliding-mode observer (SMO) and an adaptive filter. The SMO estimates system disturbances in real time, which contain the information on mechanical parameters. A desirable feature that distinguishes the proposed estimation algorithm from other existing mechanical parameter estimators is that the adaptive filter estimates electromagnetic torque to improve the estimation performance. Moreover, the SMO acts as a low-pass filter to suppress the chattering effect, which enables the smooth output signals of the SMO. We verify the mechanical parameter estimation performance for SPMSM by conducting extensive experiments for the proposed algorithm.