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Title A Study on the Adoption of Power Take Off Operation Mode andFuel-Saving Effect in the Hybrid Electric Propulsion System for a Warship
Authors So-Yeon Kim
Page pp.40-48
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Hybrid electric propulsion system ; Destroyer class warship ; Power take off mode ; Fuel efficiency ; Fuel consumption rate
Abstract Hybrid electric propulsion systems (H-EPSs) are an intermediate step for integrated full electric propulsion warships. H-EPSs are a dynamic combination of mechanical and electrical propulsion systems to achieve the required mission performances. The system modes could adapt to meet the requirement of the various operation conditions of a warship. This paper presents a configuration and operating modes of H-EPSs considering the operation conditions of a destroyer class warship. The system has three propulsion modes, namely, motoring mode, generating mode [power take off (PTO) mode], and mechanical mode. The PTO mode requires a careful fuel efficiency analysis because the fuel consumption rate of propulsion engines may be low compared with the generator's engines depending on the loading power. Therefore, the calculation of fuel consumption according to the operating modes is performed in this study. Although the economics of the PTO mode depends on system cases, it has an advantage in that it ensures the reliability of electric power in case of blackout or minimum generator operation.