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Title Controller Design of BLDC Motor Fin Position Servo System by Employing H-infinity Loop Shaping Method
Authors He-Lin Zhu ; Hyung-Soo Mok ; Hyeong-Geun Lee ; Soo-Hee Han ; Hyeon-Uk Seo
Page pp.49-55
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Fin position servo system ; BLDC(Brushless DC) motor ; H-infinity loop shaping
Abstract This study proposes a robust control of a fin position servo system using the H-infinity loop-shaping method. The fin position control system has a proportional (P) position controller and a proportional?integral (PI) controller. In this work, the position control loop requires a wide bandwidth. No current control loop exists due to the compact design of the system. Hence, the controller parameters are difficult to determine using the traditional cascade design method. The controller design method is used to design the controller’s gain to achieve good performance and robustness. First, the transfer function of the system, which can be divided into tunable and fixed parts, is derived. The tunable part includes the position P controller and speed PI controller. The fixed part includes the rest of the system. Second, the optimized controller parameters are calculated using Matlab controller design program. Finally, the system with optimized controller is tested by simulation and experiment. The control performance is satisfactory, and the controller design method is proven to be valid.