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Title Design of 9 kJ/s High Voltage LiPo Battery based 2-stage Capacitor Charger
Authors Chan-Gi Cho ; Ziyi Jia ; Hong-Je Ryoo
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2019.24.4.268
Page pp.268-272
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Lithium polymer battery; Three phase resonant converter; High voltage capacitor charger
Abstract A lithium polymer battery-based 9 kJ/s high-voltage capacitor charger, which comprises two stages, is proposed. A modified LCC resonant converter and resonant circuit are introduced at the first and second stages, respectively. In the first stage, the methods for handling low-voltage and high-current batteries are considered. Delta-wye three-phase transformers are used to generate a high output voltage through the difference between the phase and line-to-line voltages. Another method is placing the series resonant capacitor of the LCC resonant components on the transformer secondary side, which conducts considerably low current compared with the transformer primary side. On the basis of the stable operation of the first charging stage, the secondary charging stage generates final output voltage by using the resonance. This additional stage protects the rectifying diodes from the negative voltage when the output capacitor is discharged for a short time. The inductance and capacitance of the resonance components are selected by considering the resonance charging time. The design procedure for each stage with the aforementioned features is suggested, and its performance is verified by not only simulation but also experimental results.