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Title Development of Converter for High Frequency Welding Machines using Active Snubber
Authors Jun-Young Shin ; Jae-Min Lee ; Seung-Won Choi ; Jun-Young Lee
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2016.21.4.351
Page pp.351-355
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Active snubber; Cell-balancing circuit; High frequency inverter; Soft swiching pwm; Schottky diode; Series structure full-bridge converter; Zero voltage switching
Abstract Welding machines are high-capacity systems used in a low-frequency range using IGBT. As their system is similar to a large transformer, most welding machines suffer a great loss because of hard switching and vast leakage inductance. A voltage-balancing circuit is designed to overcome these shortcomings. This circuit can reduce the transformer size by making it into a high frequency and reducing the input voltage by half and by adopting a serial structure that connects two full-bridges in a series to use a MOSFET with a good property at high frequency. In addition, a Schottky diode is used in the primary rectifier to overcome the low efficiency of most welding machines. To use the Schottky diode with a reliably relatively low withstanding voltage, an active snubber is adopted to effectively limit the ringing voltage of the diode cut-off voltage.