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Title Series-connected Power Conversion System Integrating a Photovoltaic Power Conditioner with a Charge-balancing Circuit
Authors Hyun-Jun Lee ; Jong-Hyun Shin ; Joung-Hu Park
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2015.20.5.389
Page pp.389-394
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Series-connected; Charge-balancing; Cell-balancing; Energy storage; Photovoltaic; Power conditioner
Abstract This paper proposes a series-connected power conversion system that integrates a photovoltaic power conditioner and a charge-balancing circuit. In conventional methods, a photovoltaic power conditioner and a cell-balancing circuit are needed for photovoltaic systems with energy storage devices, which results in a complex configuration and high cost. To overcome these problems, a series-connected DC?DC power conditioning system that integrates a photovoltaic power conditioner with a charge-balancing circuit is proposed. During the generation, the system operates as power conditioner only, whereas it operates as a cell balancing circuit during the rest time. For the analysis, the operating principle of the circuit and the controller design are done by PSIM simulation. For verification, a hardware prototype with 48-W photovoltaic modules has been implemented. Results verified that the modularized photovoltaic power conversion system with a series-connected storage successfully works with the proposed method.