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Title A Novel Soft Switched Auxiliary Resonant Circuit of a PFC ZVT-PWM Boost Converter for an Integrated Multichips Power Module Fabrication
Authors Yong-Wook Kim ; Rae-Young Kim ; Jae-Hwan Soh ; Ki-Young Choi
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2013.18.5.458
Page pp.458-465
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords auxiliary resonant circuit; zero-voltage transition; PWM boost converter; integrated multi-chips power module; power factor correction
Abstract This paper proposes a novel soft-switched auxiliary resonant circuit to provide a Zero-Voltage-Transition at turn-on for a conventional PWM boost converter in a PFC application. The proposed auxiliary circuit enables a main switch of the boost converter to turn on under a zero voltage switching condition and simultaneously achieves both soft-switched turn-on and turn?off. Moreover, for the purpose of an intelligent multi-chip power module fabrication, the proposed circuit is designed to satisfy several design constraints including space saving, low cost, and easy fabrication. As a result, the circuit is easily realized by a low rated MOSFET and a small inductor. Detail operation and the circuit waveform are theoretically explained and then simulation and experimental results are provided based on a 1.8 kW prototype PFC converter in order to verify the effectiveness of the proposed circuit.