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Title Power Compensator Control for Improving Unbalanced Power of AC Electric Railway
Authors Jehun Woo ; Jongmin Jo ; Tae-Hoon Lee ; Hanju Cha
DOI 10.6113/TKPE.2020.25.3.213
Page pp.213-218
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Power compensator; Power quality; Electric railway; Single-phase 3-level back-to-back converter; CUF(Current Unbalance Factor)
Abstract In this study, we propose a control algorithm to reduce the unbalanced characteristics of a three-phase system power caused by the unbalanced load of the AC electric railway. Then, we verify its performance through the design of a power compensator and experiments applying it. Like electric railway systems, a Scott transformer is applied, and the load and single-phase back-to-back converters are connected to the M-phase and T-phase outputs. The back-to-back converter monitors the difference in active power between the unbalanced loads in real-time and compensates for the power by using bidirectional characteristics. The active power is performed through PI control in the synchronous coordinate system, and DC link overall voltage and voltage balancing control are controlled jointly by M-phase and T-phase converters to improve the responsiveness of the system. To verify the performance of the proposed power compensation device, an experiment was performed under the condition that M-phase 5 kW and T-phase 1 kW unbalanced load. As a result of the experiment, the unbalance rate of the three-phase current after the operation of the power compensator decreases by 58.66% from 65.04% to 6.38%, and the excellent performance of the power compensator proposed in this study is verified.