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Title Analysis of the Cell Balancing Effect on the ESS Fire by Simulating the Euljiro 3-ga Subway ESS
Authors Sang-Sun Yun ; Seok-Cheol Kee
DOI 10.6113/TKPE.2020.25.3.219
Page pp.219-226
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Energy storage system; Cell balancing; Battery management system; Over voltage protection
Abstract Given the change in the energy market, large energy storage systems (ESS) is rapidly entering the market. In this rapid spread, fire accidents are becoming an issue. This study attempts to approach the fire from the system point of view to analyze the problems caused by bonding from different perspectives. Moreover, to conduct this study, the fabrication of real objects is dangerous, which needs to be verified through simulation. In this study, we approach the cause of fire that occurs in large-capacity ESS from the system perspective. We focus on determining the effects of cell balancing performed on the BMS after charging. Thus, we analyze the cell balancing behavior and the linkage risks to the various stacks. The study also explores why no fire occurs during 70% operation.