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Title A Load Sharing Method of Parallel-connected Two Interleaved CrM Boost PFC Converters
Authors Moon-Young Kim ; Shinho Kang ; Jeong-Il Kang ; Jonghee Han
DOI 10.6113/TKPE.2021.26.1.53
Page pp.53-58
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords CrM (Critical conduction Mode); Interleaved boost PFC converter; Load sharing
Abstract Operation of the interleaved Boost PFC converter in Critical Conduction Mode (CrM) shows the advantages of high efficiency and good EMI characteristics owing to the valley switching of FET. However, when it is designed for a highly pulsating load, operation at a relatively high frequency is inevitable at non-pulsating typical load condition, resulting in efficiency degradation. Moreover, the physical size of the inductor becomes problematic because of the nature of the CrM operation, where the inductor peak current is about two times the inductor average current, thereby requiring high DC-bias characteristics, which is worse when the output power is high. In this study, a new parallel driving method of two sets of interleaved boost PFC converters for highly pulsating high-power application is proposed. The proposed method does not require any additional load-sharing controller, resulting in high efficiency and smaller inductor size.