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Title Current Control of Three-Phase PWM Convertersunder Unbalanced and Distorted Source Voltage
Authors Jeong-Ik Jang ; Dong-Choon Lee ; Heung-Geun Kim
Page pp.27-36
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords PWM converter; unbalance; distortion; current control; harmonic current
Abstract SFC(Static Frequence Converter)system has come to be used as drive large synchronous machine in many industry applications. Many papers have been presented on the control algorithm of SFC system, not the acceleration and start-up but the rated speed operation with line connection and the braking operation with regeneration which is used in the industry. Among this, this paper presents the regeneration breaking control algorithm for a large synchronous machine using SFC system. The results of experiment show that the proposed algorithm is proper and effective.