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Title Fault Detection and Compensation Scheme of Switch Open-fault in VSI for Two-phase Excitation Drive
Authors Kui-Jun Lee ; Nam-Ju Park ; Dong-Seok Hyun
Page pp.74-80
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Fault Detection; Fault Tolerant; SRM.
Abstract In this paper, authors propose a novel step-up AC-DC converter operated with power factor correction (PFC) and with high efficiency. The proposed converter behaves with discontinuous current control (DCC) of input current. The input current waveform in the proposed converter is got to be a discontinuous sinusoid form in proportion to magnitude of ac input voltage under the constant duty cycle switching. Therefore, the input power factor is nearly unity and the control method is simple. In the general DCC converters, the switching devices are turned-on with the zero current switching (ZCS). But turn-off of the switching devices is done at the maximum current. To achieve a soft switching at turn-off, the proposed converter uses a new partial resonant circuit, which results in the very low switching loss and the high efficiency of converter.