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Title A Study on the Reduction of Standby Power Consumption for Multiple Output Converters
Authors Jee-Hoon Jung ; Jong-Moon Choi ; Joong-Gi Kwon
Page pp.433-440
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Multiple output converter; DC/DC converter; SMPS; Standby power consumption; Post regulator; Current mode control; Power sequence control
Abstract This paper describes a method for the detection of shorted-turn in the cylindrical synchronous generator rotor windings based on the discrete wavelet transform. Multi-resolution analysis(MRA) based on discrete wavelet transform provides a set of decomposed signals in independent frequency bands, which contain independent dynamic information due to the orthogonality of wavelet function. In the proposed method, shorted-turn detection in rotor windings is based on the decomposition of the rotor currents, where wavelet coefficients of these signals have been extracted. Comparing these extracted coefficients is used for diagnosing the healthy machine from faulty machine. Experimental results are presented for healthy, and machines with 25%, 42%, 67%, 83%, 99% inter-turn short circuits in a rotor slot. Deviation of wavelet coefficients in healthy mode from faulty modes depicts the inverse proportion of shorted-turns. Experimental results show the effectiveness of the proposed method for shorted-turn detection in the cylindrical synchronous generator rotor windings.