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Title Analysis and a Compensation Method for Torque Ripple caused by Position Sensor Error in PMSM’s Vector Control
Authors Hyung-Soo Mok ; Jeong-Min Lee ; Gyu-Ha Choe ; Sang-Hoon Kim ; Young-Hoon Cho
Page pp.449-455
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords PMSM; Vector Control; Resolver; Position Error; Torque Ripple
Abstract In this paper, the system to control the PWM inverter-induction motor drive system including ac current sensors, voltage sensors, and an encoder through the network is developed. Although the network-based control for an induction motor drive system is becoming increasingly important at factory automations, there will inevitably be time delay from the sensors to the motor control system, which may cause the instability. The algorithm to minimize the effects for network induced time delay of sensor data is proposed, using both the synchronous signal and the method for estimating sensor data. The experiments with DSP are carried out in order to verify proposed algorithms.