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Title A study of Train Running Simulation for Electronic Performance Analysis of Propulsion
Authors Young-Chan Kim ; Young-Ger Seo ; Byung-Song Lee ; Soon-Chan Hong ; Jung-Sun Ko
Page pp.483-490
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Train propulsion system; M-G set; SVM; Energy consumption; Energy recovery
Abstract A large signal stability analysis of the solar array regulator system is performed to facilitate the design and analysis of a Low-Earth-Orbit satellite power system. The effective load characteristics of every controllable method in the solar array system are classified to analyze the large signal stability. Then, using the state plane analysis technique, the stability of various equilibrium points is analyzed. A nonlinear transformation algorithm, which changes the effective load characteristic of the solar array regulator as constant resistive load, is also proposed for the large signal stability. The proposed resistive current mode control system can control the solar array output for purposes such as peak power tracking control and battery charging control. For the verification of the proposed large signal analysis and resistive current mode control, a solar array regulator system consisting of two 100W parallel module buck converters has been built and tested using a real 200W solar array.