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Title Development of PC based Digital Controller of Ultrasonic Motor Using FPGA
Authors Dong-Ok Kim ; Hwa-Chun Lee ; Sung-Geun Song ; Young-Dong Kim ; Young-Cheol Lim ; Sung-Jun Park
Page pp.500-509
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Ultrasonic motor; Digital multi-controller(DMC); FPGA; USB
Abstract According to large-sized LCD, the CCFL used in backlight is getting longer and a backlight using one lamp makes a needed brightness by arranging lamp in parallel because of the limit of brightness. In this paper, the inverter to run the large back-light in 42inch LCD TV using 20 CCFLs was designed to produce the same output on each lamp in any input condition. Supplementing the conventional high-low method driving CCFL , by adopting high-high one, the brightness variation among each lamp sides is improved. Additionally, to improve the brightness variation, the method connecting the lamp and the capacitor in series is used. The proposed system was verified by the experiment.