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Title Off-time Control Method for High Power Density AC/DC Adapter
Authors Shin-Ho Kang ; Jun-Ho Jang ; Sung-Soo Hong ; Jun-Young Lee
Page pp.510-516
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords AC/DC adapter; high power density; off-time control
Abstract The aim of the paper is to design the PLS(Plasma Lighting System) driving inverter circuit with optimal efficiency. In general, it is known that the PLS driven by a pulse has a higher light-conversion efficiency. There are the Class-E type resonant inverter and the semi-bridge inverter as a circuit which can make a pulse with low duty ratio. In this paper, we analyze the losses of the above two circuits. To verify the loss analysis, the inverter circuit with 220V 380W input consumption is manufactured and tested. Throughout the experimental results, the high efficiency PLS system has confirmed.