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Title A Transformer-less Boost Converter with High Gain and Low Current Ripple for Fuel Cell Application
Authors Jin-Young Yang ; Chan-Ki Park ; Se-Wan Choi ; Seok-Woo Nam
Page pp.79-87
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Boost Converter; Fuel Cell; Interleaving; Low Current Ripple; High Gain; Transformer-less
Abstract In this paper, a novel nonlinear control method of the CVCF(constant voltage and constant frequency) output voltage for the three-phase PWM inverter with LC output filters is proposed. A nonlinear modeling including the output LC filters is linearized by feedback linearization theory, the controllers of which can be designed based on a linear control theory. It is applied to the DC/AC power conversion of the PWM inverter for stand-alone wind power generation system. It has been verified by the experimental results that the proposed control scheme gives high dynamic responses at load variation as well as a zero steady-state error.