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Title A Simplified Series-Parallel Structure for the RPPT (Regulated Peak Power Tracking) system
Authors Jeong-Hwan Yang ; Hyun-Su Bae ; Jea-ho Lee ; Bo-Hyung Cho
Page pp.110-118
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords LEO(Low-Earth-Orbit) satellite; Space power system; Series structure; Parallel structure
Abstract Among the alternative energy sources, the solar energy is recognized as an important energy source and its application is increasing. Especially in future, the hybrid solar energy generation system with battery will be widely used as an independent distributed power generation system. In this paper, a solar power hybrid home generation system using a contactless power supply (CPS) that can transfer an electric power without any mechanical contact by using magnetic coupling instead of the power transfer by directly supplying the DC power to the home electric system is proposed. The proposed system consists of a ZVS boost converter, a half bridge LLC resonant converter and contact-less transformer.