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Title Modular Line-connected Photovoltaic PCS
Authors Hyun-Woo Seo ; Jung-Min Kwon ; Eung-Ho Kim ; Bong-Hwan Kwon
Page pp.119-127
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Photovoltaic; Step-up DC-DC converter; MPPT; Modular PCS
Abstract This paper introduces a new current sharing technique to Interleaved Boost Converter (IBC) using carrier slope control. The IBC is able to boost the input voltage and operates at higher current levels and has various advantages over a single power module. However, how to balance the current each module is still important problem. To solve this problem, the proposed technique can distribute the power and load current equally based on master-slave current sharing method. Unlike a conventional approach, this technique can be extended even though the current stress of switching components at slave modules is significantly smaller than that of the master module. The simulation and the experimental results are presented to show the validity.