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Title An Isolated Power System Based on Variable Speed Engine Generator with Super-capacitor
Authors Joon-Hwan Lee ; Seung-Hwan Lee ; Seung-Ki Sul
Page pp.128-134
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Super-Capacitor; Diesel Engine; 3phase-4leg Inverter; Power Control
Abstract In this paper, a robust controller for PWM converter is proposed. The proposde converter controller consists of a PI controller for DC output voltage and a current controller using error-space approach for maintaining the sinusoidal current waveform and unity power factor. Conventionally, the try and error method has been used to design the current controller considering the switching frequency of the devices and sampling frequency of the digital controller. But this proposed method is based on characteristic ratio assignment(CRA) method which has the advantage to design the optimal gain to meet the referenced response and overshoot within the limit range. First, the CRA based current controller algorithm is explained. Then the validity of proposed controller is verified through the PSiM simulation and experience results.