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Title Design of Charge Pump Circuit for Floating Gate Power Supply of Intelligent Power Module
Authors Jeong-Gyu Lim ; Se-Kyo Chung
Page pp.135-144
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Floating gate power supply; Charge pump circuit; Bootstrap circuit; Intelligent power module.
Abstract Islanding of PV systems occurs when the utility grid is removed but the PV systems continue to operate and provide power to local loads. Islanding is one of the serious problems in an electric power system connected with dispersed power sources. This can present safety hazards and the possibility of damage to other electric equipments. In the passive method, the voltage and frequency of PCC are measured and it determines islanding phenomena if their values excess the allowed limits. If the real and reactive power of RLC load and those of the PV system are closely matched, islanding phenomena can't be detected by the passive methods. Several active methods were proposed to detect islanding operation in the region where the passive method can not detect it. The most effective method is SFS method which was suggested by Sandia National Laboratory. In this paper, a new islanding detection method using automatic phase-shift is proposed and its validity is verified through the simulation and experimental results.