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Title A Study on the Characteristics of Multi-Phase Interleaved Boost Converter Operating in Boundary Conduction Mode
Authors Jae-Sam Lee ; Cheol-Su Bae ; Ho-In Son ; Seok-Jo Moon ; Dong-Young Huh
Page pp.257-262
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Interleaved boost converter; Boundary conduction mode; PFC; Full order averaged model
Abstract This paper investigates the field weakening operation of a five-phase permanent magnet motor. The proposed motor has concentrated windings such that the produced back-EMF is almost trapezoidal and is supplied with the combined sinusoidal plus third harmonic of currents to produce trapezoidal current. Therefore this motor, while generating the same average torque as an equivalent permanent magnet brushless dc motor, overcomes its disadvantages. It is shown that torque producing and flux producing components of current for this motor can be decoupled by using multiple reference frame transformation. Therefore, Vector control is easily applicable to the motor. This motor has benefits such as high torque density of a BLDC motor below the rated speed and controllability of PMSM above the rated speed and during the field weakening region and simulation and experimental results are provided to prove the validity of the superior performance of this drive.