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Title Development of Wide-Range Brightness Controller of LED Backlight for Avionic Displays
Authors Soo-Hyun Lim ; Jeong-Gyu Lim ; Se-Kyo Chung ; Hwi-Beom Shin ; Min-Jae Shin ; Seung-Gul Sohn
Page pp.287-294
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Avionic displays; Backlight; white LED; Dimming controller
Abstract In this paper, the three modified space vector modulation methods are suggested in order to control effectively the shoot-through time at Z-source inverter. Both the switching patterns of three modulation methods and the modulation signals with a variation of shoot-through time are analyzed. The optimum modified space vector modulation method is determined by both the control range of the shoot-through time and the symmetry of the switching pattern and modulation signal. The performances of modulation methods are verified with the simulation results with 32-bit DSP.