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Title Performance Improvement of a Grid-connected PWM Inverter using a Power Theory
Authors Hea-Gwang Jung ; Kyo-Beum Lee ; Sin-Il Kang ; Hyen-Young Lee ; Oh-Joeng Kwon ; Seung-Ho Song
Page pp.319-327
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Three phase PWM-inverter; Harmonics; LCL-filter; Resonance; Power theory
Abstract This paper describes independent phase BLDC motor with a maximum torque among BLDC motor used for electric propulsion system. Independent phase BLDC motor has characteristic that phases of stator are independent electrically. This paper is modeling two type of 3 phases BLDC motors, one has Y-connection type and the other has independent type, and it shows simulation of them, compares its characteristics. As a result of simulation, phase voltage of independent 3 phase BLDC motor is higher than Y-connection three phase BLDC motor. When the stator resistance and inductance are stable, high phase voltage causes an increase in maximum phase current and an increases in it serially causes an increase of maximum torque. It is also found that the current pulsation of independent phase BLDC motor was decreased by controlling phase current of independent BLDC motor.