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Title Performance Improvement of Single-phase PLL Control using State Observer
Authors Hee-Hun Hwang ; Jong-Woo Choi
Page pp.96-104
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords PLL; Observer; Power Quality; Harmonics
Abstract In a large screen sized LCD-TV, a backlight system with only one cold cathode fluorescent lamp(CCFL) can not meet brightness specification. Thus, considerable numbers of CCFLs are used to meet brightness specification. In this paper, the design guide for the inverter transformer which can drive 4 CCFLs instantaneously is presented. With the presented design, the inverter transformer that guarantee identical lamp currents under the nonidentical lamp characteristic condition, can be implemented easily. The developed inverter transformer is adopted in a 42″ LCD-TV backlight. The experimental results are presented to show the validity of the presented design guide.