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Title Plug-in BLDC Control System using DC-link Communication
Authors Yu Tao ; Sung-Geun Song ; Min-Jung Lee ; Kwang-Heon Kim ; Sung-Jun Park
Page pp.105-111
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords DC-link communication; BLDC control
Abstract Switching characteristics in both linear and nonlinear loads are analysed for a 3-phase voltage disturbance generator applicable to the performance test of custom power devices. Since the line current of the linear load is continuous the natural commutation of the SCR thyristors comprising the generator is carried out with ease. However, in case of nonlinear load the natural commutation scheme is different from that of the linear load due to the discontinuous load current. Through the analysis it is found that a specific switching condition can provide the voltage sag, swell, outage, and voltage unbalance generation in nonlinear load too. The operation of the voltage disturbance generation is described and the usefulness of the generator is verified through simulation and experimental results. It is expected that the generator can be used in the performance test of the custom power devices with low implementation cost and easy control.