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Title Speed Control of High Speed Miniature BLDCM Based on Software PLL
Authors Dong-Hee Lee
Page pp.112-119
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords High speed miniature motor; BLDCM; Software PLL; Speed cotnrol
Abstract This paper proposes a fast fault detection algorithm under open-circuit fault of a switch for a brushless DC(BLDC) motor drive system. This proposed method is configured without the additional devices for fault detection and identification. The fault detection and identification are achieved by a simple algorithm using the operating characteristic of the BLDC motor. After the fault identification, the drive system is reconfigured for continuous operation. This system is reconfigured by four-switch topology connecting a faulty leg to the middle point of DC-link bidirectional switches. This proposed method can also be embedded into existing BLDC motor drive systems as a subroutine without excessive computational effort. The feasibility of a the proposed fault detection algorithm is validated in simulation and experiment.