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Title Development of High Voltage Power Supply for Image Intensifier Tube
Authors Se-Kyo Chung ; Jeong-Gyu Lim ; Dae-Hwan Kwon ; Dae-Sik Lee
Page pp.128-133
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Image intensifier tube; Night vision device; High voltage power supply; Voltage multiplier; Push-pull resonant converter
Abstract Pressure control of hydraulic pump using SRM with pressure predictor and direct torque control method is presented in this paper. Nowadays, high efficiency and high performance motor drive is much interested in hydraulic pump system. But the hydraulic pump system has an inherent defect that its dynamic behavior causes by interaction between the sensor and hydraulic load. It will make low performance of whole system, even unstable and oscillatory. Proposed system integrates pressure predictor and direct instantaneous torque control (DITC). The pressure predictor includes Smith predictor, which is easy to improve unstable or long oscillation in traditional negative feedback control and popular PID control architectures. And DITC method can reduce inherent torque ripple of SRM, and develop smooth torque to load, which can increase stability and improve the torque response of SR drive. So high dynamic performance and stabilization can achieved proposed hydraulic system. At last, the proposed hydraulic system is verified by simulation and experimental results.