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Title Enhanced Dynamic Response of SRF-PLL System in a 3 Phase Grid-Connected Inverter
Authors Hyeong-Jin Choi ; Seung-Ho Song ; Seung-Gi Jeong ; Ju-Yeop Choi ; Ick Choy
Page pp.134-141
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Phase locked loop; Grid fault; Dynamic response; Controller design; Low-pass filter
Abstract This paper presents a new method for designing a ballast that can provide dimming control of an electrodeless fluorescent lamp. Frequency control of lamp power is inappropriate because the lamp coefficients such as equivalent impedance, coupling coefficient of the transformer, and plasma resistance are a function of lamp power. In this paper, the dimming is achieved by controlling the DC_Link voltage in relation to the lamp power. The DC_Link voltage is controlled by a buck converter. Simulation and experimental results of the proposed design method are presented in order to validate the proposed method.