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Title Control and Operating Characteristics of Three-Phase Matrix Converter with Unity Power Factor by Direct Duty-Ratio Modulation Method
Authors Yulong Li ; Nam-Sup Choi ; Byung-Moon Han
Page pp.142-149
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Matrix converter; Unity input power factor; AC-AC power conversion; Three-phase matrix converter; Carrier-based PWM; Direct duty-ratio PWM
Abstract Boost Converters have been used to step up and regulate the low and widely varing voltage from the fuel cell. A transformer-less boost converter which does not have lossy, bulky, and costly high frequency transformers has an advantage in applications where galvanic isolation is not required. In this paper a new transformer-less boost converter is proposed. The proposed boost converter has practically usuable 6 to 8 times of step up ratio and is suitable for fuel cell applications due to very low input and output current ripples. The proposed converter is verified through the theorical analysis, simulation and experimental waveform.