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Title The Load Estimation Algorithm of the Drum Washing Machine using an Inertia Estimator
Authors Chun-Hwan Hwang ; Jung-Hyo Lee ; Kyung-Min Kim ; Won-Cheol Lee ; Young-Real Kim ; Chung-Yuen Won
Page pp.150-159
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Inertia estimator; Inertia identification; Drum washing machine
Abstract In this paper, the regenerative inverter system with voltage drop compensation mode is proposed. When the main rectifier is broken, the DC traction can not be supplied the power from the utility. Actually, the reserve rectifier is mounted in the substation to prevent this accident. In this paper, the voltage drop compensation mode is added to the regenerative inverter system in order to substitute the reserve rectifier.The proposed regenerative inverter system returns the regenerative energy from the DC line voltage to the utility. In addition, the inverter can be compensate the harmonics caused by the power conversion devices used in the DC traction system. We demonstrated the effectiveness of the proposed control algorithm by using computer simulation.