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Title Characteristics Analysis of RPV and AFD for Anti-Islanding in Active Method
Authors Gyu-Ha Choe ; Bayasgalan D ; Young-Jin Lee ; Dong-Ha Han ; Byong-Hwan Jeong ; Hong-Sung Kim
Page pp.160-167
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Active Frequency Drift(AFD); Reactive Power Variation(RPV); Anti-Islanding; Active method
Abstract A bootstrap circuit is widely used for the floating gate power supply of intelligent power module (IPM). A bootstrap circuit is simple and inexpensive. However, the duty cycle and on-time are limited by the requirement to refresh the charge in the bootstrap capacitor. And the value of the bootstrap capacitor should be increased as the switching frequency decreases. A charge pump circuit can be used to overcome the problems. This paper deals with an analysis and design of a charge pump circuit for the floating gate power supply of an IPM. The simulation and experiment are carried out for an induction motor drive system. The results well verifies the validity of the proposed circuit and design method.