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Title Firing Angle Control of Thyristor Converter using PID Controller with Parallel Data Loop
Authors Jae-Sung Lee ; Jin-Seok Jang ; Young-Bae Choo ; Dong-Hee Lee
Page pp.278-284
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Thyristor Converter; PID controller with Parallel data loop
Abstract This paper proposes a current compensation method of a three phase PWM converter. The phase angle of utility voltage is essential to control a PWM converter. In the case of using synchronous reference frame PLL to detect the phase angle of the distorted source, harmonics of source voltage cause the phase angle to be distorted. PWM converter control by the distorted phase angle results in input current harmonics. This paper proposes a current compensation method which can limit THD of input currents below to 5% that is the harmonic current requirements by IEEE std. 519. Its validity is verified by simulation and experiment.