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Title Variable Gain Current Controller Considering Inductance Variations after the Connection of DFIG Stator to the Grid
Authors Soo-Cheol Shin ; Jae-Sung Yu ; Jung-Ki Hong ; In-Young Suh ; Seung-Ho Song
Page pp.293-298
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Doubly Fed Induction Generator; Variable PI gain. Rotor side converter; Current controller
Abstract Recently, IEC 61850 supports the standardized communication technique in both station bus and process bus, and presents substation automation model. In order to implement the IEC 61850 based communication in a substation using the MU (merging unit) which is one of the important data acquisition equipments in substation automation, the time synchronization is demanded for cooperative operation between the devices. This paper proposes the precision time synchronization technique using IRIG-B protocol to develop the MU under IEC 61850 communication protocol. The proposed technique is implemented and its performance is verified experimentally.